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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Fairgate products so great?
At Fairgate Rule Company, we take pride in the quality, precision, and dependability of each product in our extensive line, from our best-selling L-squares, T-squares, templates, curves, rules and scales. We start with top-grade materials such as heavy-gauge, tempered aluminum alloy; stainless steel; and tough, crystal-clear acrylic. These are milled and/or cut to our exacting specifications. Then our skilled craftspeople employ precision handwork to ensure measurements are accurately applied to each instrument. When you select Fairgate tools, you are assured of quality materials and workmanship.

How long and where has Fairgate been in business?
Since 1946, Fairgate Rule Company has been manufactured in America in Cold Spring, New York.

How accurate are Fairgate products?
All Fairgate products are certified accurate by the New York State Department of Weights & Measures. Before your product is delivered to your door, all products undergo an individual rigorous testing to insure accuracy and precision.

Does Fairgate use special metal in its products to insure accuracy and precision?
Yes, Fairgate uses a special grade of aluminum that resists bending. This provides rulers that remain flat without bending. Fairgate's manufacturing process insures quality.

Can Fairgate make special order products?
Yes, Fairgate specializes in making custom products to fit specialized needs. Customers like IBM and Delta Faucet are among some of Fairgate's customers with special needs. Click here to visit our Custom Products page.

How does a company become a dealer?
Fill out our brief questionaire and our sales department will send you the complete information on the process.

Will Fairgate ship internationally?
Yes, Fairgate has customers all over the world and will ship anywhere. Also, Fairgate has dealers and distributors in many countries that can service most product needs.

Is it possible to speak directly with a salesperson?
Yes. Contact us via the Customer Service section with your telephone number and information required, and someone will call you back.

12"English Rule
2. 6 6" English Rule
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3. 6 6"x 3/4";15cm x 1.91cm English/Metric
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4. 59 59"x 1-1/2";150cm x 3.81cm English/Metric
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5. 36 36"English Rule
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